Long Road Back

Long Road Back: Ex-offenders' Struggle for Acceptance is a documentary from Third Way Media examining the difficulties ex-offenders encounter as they try to find their place in society.

 “Why not teach the skill that people need in order to reduce recidivism instead of making prison an industrial complex and a revolving door?” -  Jennie Amison, Gemeinschaft Home

With the highest incarceration rate in the world, the United States holds over two million people in its prisons each year. More than half a million ex-offenders are released back into society annually. When released, many are given only $25 and a one-way bus ticket.

Long Road Back follows several ex-offenders as they encounter pain, alienation and hardship and experience stigma and difficulties as they try to put their lives and families back together after serving a prison term.

Experts who assist these individuals in their re-entry transition help give context to the interviews. Produced by Burton Buller, this program seeks to lower stigma thereby opening new opportunities for support groups and employment.

Long Road Back aired on NBC-TV under the aegis of the Interfaith Broadcasting Commission. Visit http://www.interfaithbroadcasting.com/ for airing schedules of other programs produced through this cooperative.


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